a hands-on experience returning to Denver – October 5-7, 2018


Simply put, we want to create a platform to bring high-level classroom and hands-on training to Colorado firefighters. As departments and firefighters realize an ever-increasing cost affiliated with sending people to national conferences and trainings, they have been scaling back on the number of people able to experience this type of learning. Through this conference, we will help individuals and departments gain invaluable training opportunities without ever having to leave the Denver-metro area…thus allowing more people to get the training at a lower cost to everyone.

The 2017 instructor cadre included: Brian Brush, Ben Ojinaga, Ben Shultz, Cody Trestrail, Brian Olson, Ryan Royal, Bryan Lynch, Dave McGrail, Dennis LeGear, Matt Fullerton, Jesse Wooten, Jason Haley, Chris Piepenburg, Ross Reinking, Adam Woodin, Justin Sinnett, Kevin Contreras, Ryan Thomas, and many others!

Conference Schedule

The 2018 conference will include a Friday lecture series followed by a evening event, and then two days of hands-on training.

Track 1: Nozzle Forward (2 day course)

This two day class will integrate the three major components of engine company work; fire behavior, hose management, and fire attack. The one thing that every fire department in the country has is fire hose. The one event that happens on every single fire is a hose-line gets pulled and water gets flowed. The Nozzle Forward is a class for engine company crews. It is not a collection of technique; it is an adaptable system of hose line management and fire attack. It is focused around fighting fire, interior offensive firefighting, aggressive firefighting, for which we will never apologize. Aggressive firefighting is not the problem, it is the solution. The goal of the “The Nozzle Forward” is to help craft more efficient Engine Companies by increasing the individuals’ competency with their tools and expanding on the conceptual aspects of the fire environment.

Track 2: Brothers in Battle (2 day course)

Searching For THEM: Why We Go Inside HOT Class. Firefighters have been attacking fires from the interior for at least 200 years. The reason? It puts you in the best position to apply water directly to the seat of the fire and it puts you in position to occupy the areas of the structure where victims are found.We will use experience, data (from actual documented rescues), tempo, fire behavior and building construction knowledge to prepare ourselves to put THEM first.Performing searches should not be an afterthought, it should be regarded as our highest mission on the fire ground.We will focus on performing a flanked approach with an engine search, inside team oriented & split searches and outside teams VES.

Track 3: Irons & Ladders (2 day course) 

Trade School: Strategy & Tactics for the First Five Minutes. This is a two day hands on class requiring participants to perform numerous evolutions consistent with fireground operations. Day 1: Participants will be placed in small groups to maximize student instructor ratio (5:1).Groups will focus on practicing hoseline deployment and management, search techniques, ground ladder operations, forcible entry and ventilation. Day 2: Students will participate in evolutions consistent with a working building fire. Emphasis on coordinating the operations required to mitigate the incident.

Tracks 4/5: Fire By Trade, Elkhart Brass and Chris Piepenburg (2 day course, same classes, two track options)

Brass Tacks and Hard-ER Facts: Behind and Beyond the Series with Chris Martin and Jerry Herbst. This 4-hour course will take you behind the scenes of the making of the Brass Tacks & Hard Facts engine company training video series and beyond the facts presented. It will be a deep dive in to the gamut that is the engine company discipline, specifically, heightening awareness to the various types of equipment that create fire streams and developing a basic understanding of the different types of nozzles in use today. It exposes the following critical factors contributing to success of the firefighter interaction with this equipment: Flow, function, relationship of pressure to GPM and limitations due to nozzle reaction. Specific manufacturer data will be presented to make a case for selections citing industry trends. Instigating change, committee development, and trial benchmarks will be discussed in detail. Lecture and hands on format will be combined to ensure each student has the comfort level to go back to their own department and evaluate and test their own fire flow system. A basis of understanding is developed drawing on statistical information from UL, NIST, ISO, NFPA 1710 section 5.2.3, 1720 and 1962.

The Exponential Engine with Fire By Trade: Use this comprehensive, yet simple, approach to planning for the first-arriving engine fire attack, apparatus setup, and spec. Faced with exponential fire growth, limited staffing, and rapidly changing fire conditions, all departments should be evaluating their fire stream systems from the source to the nozzle. The foundation of this concept consists of our three most common tools: the 1¾-inch attack line, the 2½-inch attack line, and the deck gun.

Truck a la Carte with Chris Piepenburg: This 8-hour program is designed for firefighters who respond as, members of a Truck Company, whether or not they have a truck. We will offer firefighters an opportunity to either hone their current skills or learn new tasks required of truck company members. This program is a hands-on program and will culminate with the use of skills under live fire conditions. Topics include forcible entry, Vent, Enter, Search (VES) operations and can (pressurized water can) operations.

Track 6: Fit To Fight Fire Featuring Ric Jorge and Firefighter Craftsmanship (2 day course)

Day1: Mental Resiliency for the Fire Service with Firefighter Craftsmanship. Mental Toughness is consistently regarded as the foundation that sets one human apart from another. Olympians, Special Forces, Police, and even Youth Athletes are intentionally training their mental toughness so they can perform at optimal levels. Even with the proven benefits of this style of training, the American Fire Service generally disregards the importance of Mental Toughness and instead states “We’ll figure it out when we get there.” This attitude and approach has severe and even possibly catastrophic consequences. Mental Resilency for the Fire Service will guide students through three basic tenets that can be trained and honed through diligent practice to optimize fireground performance. Attendees can expect to be challenged, inspired, and given the tools needed to consistently work on their mental approach to the job.
This session will be performed in the classroom in a fun, relaxed and no stress environment to help each student maximize their potential and lead to their highest level of performance on the fire scene, in the firehouse and even in day-to-day life!

Day 2: Fit to Fight Fire. This is a HOT class with a lecture component that will teach the students how to manage physical and mental stress through a range of skills and techniques. The class will include physical training in many forms to provide the student a reality based environment. The goal is to build a more resilient firefighter both mentally and physically.

Track 7: Big Rig Rescue with Rescue-4-Operations (2 day course)

Students will be introduced to working around big rigs that have gone boom, boom. This one day class will get you on your way to be able to understanding how to effectively operate on these complex accident scenes. We will cover load calculations, truck anatomy, how to perform large vehicle lifting and teach you a system to approach big rig extrication.


We are announcing the 2018 instructor line-up prior to the June 1, 2018 opening of registration. Follow along on our Facebook page for the latest information.

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